4 Fast Facts About Distracted Drivers Every Roadway Traveler Needs To Know

From the moment you climb behind the wheel of your car, you take on the responsibility to be safe as a driver, but you cannot always count on other drivers to do the same. Personal injury cases relative to automobile accidents caused by distracted drivers are very common, and as a driver, it is important that you fully understand the risks you face on the roadways. The more aware you are, the more alert you will be to drivers who are distracted and how to spot them on the roadways so you can stay safe. 

1. There Are High Fatality Rates Related to Distracted Drivers - In 2013, more than 3,000 people were killed in automobile accidents that were directly caused by a distracted driver. Even though this was a decrease from the previous year, there were actually more injuries recorded that were caused by distracted drivers, which could indicate that there are actually more people texting while driving, but the accidents may not have been as severe.

2. People Know Texting and Driving Is Dangerous But Do It Anyway - It is no big secret that texting while operating a moving vehicle is not safe, but apparently there are many drivers that ignore this fact. In one survey, even though 98 percent of drivers asked stated they knew the dangers, but three out of every four also stated they were guilty of texting while behind the wheel.

3. Many Drivers Eat On the Go - Of a survey of 1,000 participants, at least 70 percent eat while driving and even more drink beverages. While this may not sound like a big deal, taking your hands or eyes off of the road to grab a bite of food or because you spilled hot coffee on your leg, could easily cause an accident. So if you spot a driver having their morning coffee or eating lunch while they travel close, keep a close eye on their driving behavior.

4. Some Drivers Fall Asleep At the Wheel - About two out of every five drivers claim that at some time in their driving history, they have fallen asleep at the wheel. If you see a driver acting strangely, having difficulty staying within their lane or displaying slow reaction times, it is always a good idea to report their behavior, as there is a good chance you are driving alongside someone who is distracted by fatigue.

You may be aware that vehicles can be dangerous, but it is a good idea to understand that distracted drivers are part of the reason being a driver can be such a threat to your safety. If you have been injured in a car accident by a distracted driver, talk to a personal injury lawyer for advice.

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