It's Time To Party! How To Protect Yourself From Personal Injury Lawsuits This Summer

Now that summer is almost here, and the warm-weather activities are getting underway, the last thing you want is to get slapped with a personal injury claim. It doesn't take much for a guest to injure themselves on your property. Once that happens, you run the risk of an injury lawsuit. Here are a few simple steps you can follow that will help reduce your risk.

Take Care with the Water Activities

Whether you live on the lake, or you have a swimming pool in your backyard, you need to take care with the water activities. Swimming-related injuries, slip and fall injuries, and even watercraft-related injuries can all lead to personal injury claims, especially when you're a homeowner. If you're going to be offering water activities this summer, take precautions to reduce the risk of injuries. Some helpful tips include insisting that life jackets are used whenever boats and jet skis are in use. Also, keeping the area around your pool free of debris will help prevent slip and fall and trip and fall injuries.

Limit the Access to Alcoholic Beverages

Summertime parties and alcoholic beverages are synonymous. Unfortunately, they don't always mix well. If you're going to be hosting parties this summer, be sure to limit access to alcoholic beverages. Guest intoxication can increase the risk of accidents and injuries. One way to reduce the risk is to stop serving alcohol about 30 minutes before the party ends. During that last 30 minutes, increase the snack and bottled water offerings.

Keep Things Low-Key

It's always fun to have crazy, outdoor parties during the summer. Unfortunately, when things start getting crazy, the risk of accidents increases. The last thing you want is for your guests to suffer injuries because the activities get out of control. To reduce your risk of liability, try to keep your summer parties low-key and relaxed. This is particularly important when it comes to activities that could invite injuries.

Assess Your Homeowner's Policy

If your summer plans include lots of house parties, it's time to assess your homeowner's policy. If your guests are injured on your property, you want to make sure that you have sufficient insurance to protect yourself from financial disaster. If you're not sure about your coverage, sit down with your insurance agent and have them help you assess your specific needs.

Don't let your summer activities end with a personal injury lawsuit. The tips provided here will help you avoid liability issues. If you do happen to be sued for injuries this summer, you'll need to hire an attorney immediately. For more information, contact a lawyer like Jack W Hanemann, P.S. today.

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