Most Common Types Catastrophic Injuries And Why You Need A Catastrophic Injuries Lawyer

A catastrophic injury typically affects much more than just the victim. They often put extreme stress on the victim's family as well because the victim may need continuous supervision or assistance for the rest of their life. Catastrophic injuries also typically mean there is a going to be a lifetime of medical bills and rehabilitation. A catastrophic injuries attorney is generally consulted by the victim or the family of a victim that has been seriously injured and suffered a catastrophic injury as a result of negligent conduct. Here are the most common types of catastrophic injuries and how a catastrophic injuries lawyer can help.

Common Types of Catastrophic Injuries

A catastrophic personal injury is generally determined by the medical evidence and the amount of medical treatment you have had and will need in the future. This type of injury is life-changing, so getting a catastrophic injuries attorney to help you seek compensation is critical for covering your medical bills, the costs of your treatment, and any trauma you may have suffered as a result of the injuries. The most common types of catastrophic injuries include the following:

Brain injuries:

A brain injury is extremely serious in that it may affect the future quality of your life. Brain injuries generally have a serious, long-term effect, and without compensation for this type of injury, the emotional, financial and physical effects can be devastating to both the victim and their family. It is extremely important that you hire a catastrophic injuries attorney to help you get the compensation you will need to replace lost wages and pay for future medical bills and rehabilitation.


Burns are considered catastrophic injuries because of the severity. For instance, if a child is burned, the effects may be permanent, following them into adulthood, which may interfere with their ability to function in society, restricting their ability to attend school and/or work. A skilled catastrophic injuries attorney will help you get the compensation your child will need for the remainder of their life.


This type of catastrophic injury involves the impairment of bodily functions, primarily in areas of the neck and spinal cord. This type of injury is frequently the result of an auto accident that was caused by the negligence of another driver. Paralysis often leads to a loss of mobility, so it's unlikely that you may be able to work again for a long period of time or possibly ever again.

Blindness or Amputation:

Blindness or amputation means that you have a body part that is no longer functional. These are serious injuries that can affect your ability to function successfully. If this type of injury occurred as the result of negligence, whether it be while at work, driving a vehicle, or from medical malpractice, an attorney will be able to gather the evidence necessary to prove negligence and help you get the compensation necessary for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

It is important to understand that if you have sustained a catastrophic injury legal action must occur within a specific time period. The statute of limitations varies, depending on the cause of the injuries and the regulations of the municipality in which you are filing the claim. The best way to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries is to hire a catastrophic injuries lawyer as soon as possible after the accident occurred.

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