7 Ways To Prepare For Child Custody Mediations & Hearings

Child custody cases can be stressful, and even if you are able to bring your case to mediation, you can experience a lot of anxiety. The tension is normal. After all, your ability to build a relationship with your child is on the table.

So, how can you handle child custody? What should you do? Here's what you need to do and know to keep your case as stress-free as possible.

Have Your Schedule Ready to Review

Your schedule should be ready for all to view, whether you go to mediation or a hearing. You may need to refer to your schedule, for work or school for instance, to demonstrate when you will be available to be with your child.

Bring a Proposal

It is also important that you have an idea in mind. If you were asked what kind of schedule you want, what would you say? What is your ideal? Bring something to mediation or court that shows exactly what you want. It may not happen, but it's good to have some idea.

Have Ideas for Mediation

It is also important to bring some new ideas to the table. What are you willing to compromise on? What are you unwilling to compromise on? Have some idea of this in mind.

Be Firm or Respectful

It is also important that you are respectful in your communications, all the while being firm in your points. You need to protect your child and yourself, and firm language helps you appear confident.

Empathize About Your Shared Child

At some time, it is likely to become difficult for you. You may become angry at the other party involved. It is important that you find a way to empathize so that you do not put stress on yourself or your child. Try to look at the case through the eyes of somebody trying to do their best for your child.

Stay Off Social Media and YouTube

It is also important that you stay off social media, including YouTube. Making videos and posts about your situation will not be helpful for the situation. It might actually hurt your case.

Consult With a Child Custody Attorney

Your legal team wants you to have the most success possible. It is important that you consult with a professional if you want to build a solid legal case arguing that you deserve to have custody of your child. Set up a consultation with an attorney today to begin building your case.

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