Get the Message? Understanding the Power of the Demand Letter

After a car accident, you might have a convenient and effective way to communicate your demands to the at-fault driver. Demand letters are created with the intent of bringing a quick conclusion to your case and getting you paid in a hurry. Read on and learn more about the demand letter.

Take Action Now

Taking action means speaking to a personal injury lawyer about your case. The lawyer understands how to look at the facts of your car accident case and take action in a timely manner. They also know how important it is to settle the case. Settling means being paid without going to court, and it's both faster and easier. The first move your lawyer will make is to create and send a demand letter to the other driver's insurance company. This letter is like the opening shot and sends a clear message to the other side that you intend to be paid what you deserve.

A Complete and Convincing Demand Letter

To get the job done, a good demand letter contains several important components. Take a look at what a typical car accident demand letter might contain:

  1. The most important point of the letter is the demand itself. That is a sum of money, agreed upon by you and your lawyer, based on your losses and injuries.
  2. One of the most helpful aspects of a demand letter is the way it makes the other side sit up and take notice. Many accident victims are ignored, put off, and denied coverage by the insurer because they were not being taken seriously. The demand letter lets the other side know you mean business and you have a professional legal representative on your side now.
  3. A demand letter should also include a statement that you are not at fault and an explanation of why the other driver is at fault. Along with that statement may come several forms of proof such as photographs, witness statements, the accident report, and more.

What Happens Next?

It goes without saying that a demand letter informs the other side of your intention to file a lawsuit if the demands are not met. In many cases, your demand leaves some wiggle room for negotiation, and that is the next phase of the action. Rest assured that your personal injury lawyer is skilled at the art of negotiating to get you what you need. When a settlement is reached, you are paid and the case is over. To get started on your quest for compensation, speak to a car accident lawyer today.

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