When Should You Call A College Campus Sexual Assault Lawyer?

It can be tough to determine when a college campus sexual assault attorney should be contacted, especially when you don't already have any experience with this type of situation. You're young, fairly new to living life on your own, and you are just trying to get through your college courses successfully. So, when should you contact such a support system? Here are a few reasons to consider doing so:

You Feel You Have Been Improperly Touched

One important reason to consider calling a college campus sexual assault lawyer is if you feel that you have been improperly touched in any way. Sexual assault does not just mean rape. It encompasses any type of behavior that makes you personally feel sexually mistreated, such as being touched in a place or a way that you find offensive, overbearing, or explicit.

If the touching is questionable, you have every right to warn the toucher that their actions are inappropriate. If the touching does not stop, it is time to take further action. There is no need for you to give a warning beforehand about unwanted blatant touching, caressing, rubbing, or embracing. If someone comes onto you in any way by touching you, with or without accompanying words, you have a right to make a complaint about it.

You Have Been Threatened in Any Way

If you are threatened in any shape, form, or fashion for resisting an advancement or warning of inappropriate behavior, it is time to think about talking to a college campus sexual assault lawyer. It does not matter if the perpetrator is another student or a member of the faculty.

The sooner you contact a lawyer to help you file a police report and make sure that charges are brought against the perpetrator, the sooner you can stop living in fear of the threats. Remember that a lawyer can help you get a restraining order and other types of protection if necessary.

You are Unsure of Whether You Have a Case

If you feel that you have been sexually assaulted but wonder if you have a case, it is worth calling a college sexual assault lawyer for a consultation. They will help you gather all the evidence and help you determine whether to pursue any legal actions. More often than not, a case can be brought upon the perpetrator even when the victim thinks that they don't have a case.

There is no reason to suffer from a sexual assault alone. You may be able to get the justice you deserve by contacting a reputable college sexual assault lawyer today and scheduling a consultation appointment. 

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