Think Twice Before Helping These People With Bail

It might be a no-brainer to spring into action by calling a bail bonds agency when you receive a call from a loved one who has been arrested. However, you might find yourself in a situation in which someone calls you for help with bail and you feel resistant about lending your assistance. It's important to trust this gut feeling; remember, if the person flees town or doesn't show up for court, you'll be responsible for the full bail amount. Sometimes, it's better to say that you can't help someone who has been arrested. Here are some people you should think twice about.

A Friend Of A Friend

It's generally ideal to only help someone with a bail bond if you know him or her well. If you receive a call from a friend who has a friend or significant other in jail, you should be leery about pledging your assistance — even if you know the person in legal trouble. Because you don't have a close relationship with this person, he or she might not think twice about skipping town after you've helped his or her release. Even if your friend is initially upset with you, it's better to avoid getting yourself into this situation.

A Work Colleague

While it's true that you can develop close friendships with your work colleagues, you shouldn't just agree to help any colleague with bail. For example, if you don't know the person well, he or she might not be someone you can trust. Likewise, if the person's arrest will likely result in his or her termination at work, this might essentially end your relationship — which could mean that the person won't feel any remorse about failing to meet the conditions of bail and leaving you financially responsible.

A Contact Who Is Constantly In Trouble With The Law

People who are constantly getting into trouble with the law might be within your circle of friends, but this isn't the type of person you should help with bail. The person's chronic legal troubles can mean that he or she isn't reliable or learning his or her lesson; and this might result in the person leaving you on the hook for the bail amount. When someone of this nature calls you, try to explain why you're not able to help. If you feel that you could help the person in a different way, such as helping him or her find a drug treatment center — in the case of someone whose addiction is leading to legal troubles.

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