How Can You Avoid Mistakes When Working with a Bail-Bond Agent?

The arrest of a person you care deeply about can cause you to feel dismay and concern. As a result, springing into action to bail them out might be the first thing on your mind. If you're like many, though, you may not have a lot of experience with bail-bond agents and could be frustrated about the process. If you want to avoid the kind of mistakes that can lead to delays in your loved one's release, you'll need to know the following.

Bond Agents Aren't Obligated to Help

Because your loved one is considered some kind of risk and because there is no guarantee that they will follow through and appear on their specific court date, it is within the bond agent's personal discretion whether they will agree to work with you or not. Typically bond agents will do their own brief investigations and calculate how much risk they are willing to take on a person. Therefore, consult many bond agents in the area until you get an official acceptance.

Release May Not Happen Immediately 

Even if a bond agent accepts the case and does everything properly, some kind of delay could happen. Some bond agents will tell you how speedily they can have your loved one free. A promise about a time frame can sometimes be a red flag; there are times when delays happen because of things outside of their control. For example, the holding facility might have their own procedures about how quickly bail requests are processed.

If a bond agent promises quick release, ask additional questions about how they can be so sure. Have they worked with the facility many times before? What special information do they have that allows them to make such a promise? Finding out as much as you're able to about what the agent claims can help you determine whether a particular bond agent is being truthful with you. That's one of the reasons you might want to talk with multiple bondsmen to figure out who seems most credible to you.

Your Loved One May Disappoint You

All the care that you have for the person you're bailing out is positive for them, but you need to be honest about the possibility that they could indeed skip out on the bail you've arranged. If that occurs, you're going to be the one financially responsible. That's why you've got to protect yourself and investigate what will happen if your loved one does not show in court—even if you don't think you'll need that information.

By knowing the above details, you may be able to sidestep mistakes during the bail process. Keep in contact with the bond agent you select so that you can do everything to secure a timely release for the person you care about.

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