How A Lawyer Can Help You After A Collision With A Big Truck

If you think the aftermath of a regular passenger vehicle accident is something, just imagine how much more serious the issue becomes when it involves a big rig. Tractor trailers often weigh several thousand pounds and if one of them happens to plow into your car the results can be fatal. If you've been in an accident with a big truck and it was determined that the collision was your fault, you might think that there's really nothing you can do. However, even if you are told that you are the at-fault party you still need to hire a truck accident attorney. Find out how a truck accident lawyer can help you get through this rough time.

Attorneys Conduct A Thorough Investigation

There are so many variables that come into play when you're dealing with the collision between a big truck and a regular car. Even if you happened to be in violation of one or more traffic laws, it is still entirely possible that there is something that the truck driver could have done to keep the accident from occurring.

For example, when the police officer arrives on the scene after the collision has taken place, he or she might assign fault to you and issue a ticket because you made a right-hand turn in front of the big rig. What the officer doesn't know is that the truck driver is also at fault because they were driving at speeds that were way too high for the load that they were carrying. This is what really caused the accident in the first place.

A truck accident lawyer can request a full investigation of the scene of the accident. This includes measuring the skid marks from the truck to see if the driver was indeed driving at a speed that was unsafe. With their help, you might find that you're let off the hook.

Lawyers Subpoena The Sleep Logs

Truck drivers who do over-the-road trips are often required to keep track of their hours with a sleep log. If it is found that the driver you collided with was actually very overworked and may have even been asleep at the wheel, this can only work in your favor.

Truck accidents are no laughing matter. If you've been in one, you need to take the situation as seriously as possible because the rest of your life may depend on it. Get a lawyer so you can find relief by setting the record straight.

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