Has Your Dental Surgeon Made a Huge Mistake With Your Veneers? What to Do

When dental work goes wrong, it can greatly impact your life because you may not be able to talk, eat, drink, or sleep. If you went to a dental surgeon to have implants put in your mouth and you've had severe complications because the surgery wasn't done correctly, you need to contact a lawyer right away. You want justice for what you've been through, and for what you will have to go through to get your teeth and smile put back together. Here are some of the things that you want to have when you sit down with a medical malpractice lawyer, or abogado de accidentes.

Images and Information From Your Case

It is important to have all of the photographs and images from the process so you have evidence of how much pain you have been in and how much damage there was to your gum tissue. You want to tell the lawyer when you started to notice that the surgery wasn't a success, and when you start to get pain, severe inflammation, infection, and more.

New Surgeon's Explanation of What Went Wrong

Since you now need to have the implants replaced and possibly redone, then you want to get a professional's description of what went wrong with the implants. They should outline a statement for you, which could include these things:

  • Not enough bone density
  • Dirty tools during surgery
  • Improperly fitting hardware
  • Damage to the tissue with insertion

Once you have a statement explaining from another medical professional what went wrong, your lawyer can base the case around it.

Expenses From the Problem

The amount of money spent because of this disaster could still be growing. Make sure you list for your lawyer the following costs:

  • All work leading up to the first set of implants
  • Teeth extraction and implantation surgery
  • Emergency treatment for the poorly implanted teeth
  • Post removal surgery treatment
  • New implant or denture costs

These are just the medical costs. You most likely have other expenses like time away from work, late bill fees from not being able to work and pay your bills, high credit card charges, and more.

If you went in to have your smile corrected with implants and you faced a life-threatening complication and infection, and the implants had to be removed, call a medical malpractice lawyer right away. You want to make sure that you get the legal help you need to take action against the surgeon who put you through so much pain.

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