The Benefits Of Hiring A Patent Attorney

Patent attorneys are a specialized class of attorney that deal entirely in patent law. Unlike attorneys who practice in other fields of law, patent attorneys generally have a significant educational background in a field such as science or engineering. In many cases, patent attorneys may even have professional experience in these fields. This technical background is a prerequisite to registering with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, which is a requirement for practicing patent law in the United States.

Because patent attorneys are highly specialized, they offer unique benefits to entrepreneurs and inventors. While you are legally allowed to file a patent on your own, you may want to consider the advantages of hiring a patent attorney before you take that leap.

Patent Attorneys are Experts in Their Fields

One of the oft overlooked advantages of hiring a patent attorney is that they are experts not just in patent law, but in specific technical fields. A patent attorney who has a background relevant to your particular invention or industry will be invaluable if determining if it meets the strict uniqueness guidelines necessary to qualify for patent novelty. Experienced patent attorneys can often recognize problems early on that will lead to your patent application being rejected by a patent examiner.

Patent Attorneys are Experienced in Rejection

This may not sound like much of an advantage, but it is! Patent attorneys have seen countless rejected patents and they have repeatedly been through the process of revising and appealing. Very few patent applications go smoothly from the outset, and going it alone can lead to frustration and the feeling of being at the mercy of a patent examiner's inscrutable whims. By having a patent attorney on your side, you will be equipped to deal with these challenges as they come rather than being forced to stop and do your own research every time an application is rejected.

Patent Attorneys Reassure Stakeholders

Your patent not only needs to be approved, but it needs to stand up to scrutiny and the possibility of future challenges. Stakeholders, whether they are investors, partners, or even employees, will want to know that your patent is worth more than the paper that it is printed on. Patent attorneys have the experience to draft patents that will both make it through the approval process and be defensible should a later challenge arise. Since potential competitors who choose to challenge your patent will be doing so with the help of their own patent attorneys, it makes sense to have the most ironclad patent possible.

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