3 Important Things For Cosigners To Understand About Bail Bonds Services

Most individuals do not want to get a phone call from a loved one who has been arrested. This type of phone call may come as a shock if the individual has never been arrested. Although these calls can be devastating, it is important for recipients to keep in mind that some arrests do not lead to convictions. Many accused individuals are granted bail, which allows them to bond out of jail. Some of these individuals may need to rely on their loved ones to be cosigners for their bail bonds. 

Many family members and friends are eager to get their loved ones out of jail. Some potential cosigners are reluctant to participate in the bail bonds process. It is important that defendants and their cosigners understand the important responsibilities and roles of cosigners. The following points identify a few things that need to be understood. 

Understand What a Bail Bond Is

A bail bonds service allows individuals to be released from jail by paying a percentage of the bail amount. The cosigner usually pays this amount, and it is non-refundable regardless of the outcome of the case. Cosigners must make sure that defendants go to all court proceedings. Defendants who fail to show up for court put their cosigners at risk of losing their collateral or having to pay the entire bail amount rather than a percentage. 

Understand the Conditions of the Bail Bond

Some individuals violate their bond conditions and have to go back to jail. This can be devastating for cosigners who have posted bail bonds. Understanding the conditions can prevent this from occurring. Some defendants may have conditions such as not visiting certain addresses or establishments such as liquor stores. There might also be conditions that bar them from making contact with certain individuals. This often occurs in domestic violence cases. A bond revocation may also occur if individuals get new charges. 

Understand the Right to Cancel the Bail Bond

A cosigner does not have to remain on a bail bond. They have a right to change their minds. This would result in the defendant being re-arrested. However, it is a difficult choice that some cosigners make when individuals do not adhere to the conditions of their bail bonds. 

A bail bonds services company can thoroughly explain the process of bonding a loved one out of jail. New technology has made it possible for cosigners to have access to a variety of options to expedite the bail bonds process. Sometimes they can sign documents and may the payment(s) online. Many bail bond companies offer a variety of payment options, and some offer payment plans. 

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