How To Avoid Child Visitation Disputes And The Measures You Should Take If Your Partner Violates The Parenting Agreement

In the event that you and your partner dissolve your marriage, either of you can live with the kids. You may also visit your children if they are going to be living with your former spouse. In any case, the parent who will live with the kids and the time the other parent will spend with them will depend on your co-parenting agreement. Unfortunately, disputes might arise between you and your co-parent after the divorce, depending on how you plan your parenting time. For example, your partner might violate the co-parenting plan, leading to legal battles. In such instances, a lawyer can advise and help you to take legal action against your partner, as this article explains.

Avoiding Visitation Disagreements

Visitation disagreements can sometimes become complex, and you may have to file a case in court to get a determination. This could make you spend a lot of time and money in court as you work to fight for what you believe is your right. A viable way to avoid such issues is by working with an attorney when drafting a parenting agreement. They will assist you in drafting the document, ensuring that it is formalized and approved by the court. This will make the agreement legal and its contents enforceable.

In addition, your attorney will assist you in seeking the court's approval whenever you need to amend your document. It will prevent parties from taking matters into their own hands, which would get you into trouble with the court. Moreover, your lawyer can assist you in taking legal action against your partner if they go against the child custody agreement.

Taking Legal Action After a Violation of the Custody Agreement

Going against the court's directive is a punishable offense. As such, you can take legal action against your partner if they go against the orders issued by the judge. Specifically, your lawyer may file a case in court to compel your ex-spouse to obey the order. They can also request the court to punish your partner for contempt. If your petition succeeds, your co-parent might have their custody rights reduced, or they might lose them altogether. Additionally, you may get more time with your kids or obtain permission to be their custodial parent.

Matters that involve children's issues can be challenging to resolve and even lead to expensive court battles. Therefore, working with a child custody lawyer is advisable when preparing a custody agreement. The professional will assist you in preparing and amending your document when necessary to prevent disputes from arising after your marriage's dissolution.

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